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Banque de France: Put your words into action!

The French central bank -Banque de France- recognises the need to urgently reduce financial support to fossil fuels but plans on waiting up to 5 more years to put this logic into practice when it comes to monetary policy.

Meanwhile, European monetary policy – and notably the €5000 billion response to Covid – benefits big polluters, including Shell and Total. Companies supported by the European Central Bank’s purchases are even planning 67 new gas and oil projects.

More than 167 000 Europeans already urge the ECB to stop these inacceptable practices.

Add your voice – Push the ECB to drop fossil fuels, now! Sign the petition (English & French)



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Call on the ECB to stop funding climate crisis!

European monetary policy should support the fight against climate change and for social progress, not a system of pollution and inequalities.

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