This is one of the most comprehensive databases of Europe’s coal plants available. Use the Maps and Charts tabs to explore details about Europe’s worst emitting plants, the damage they do to people’s health, which countries have committed to 2030 phase outs and more.

The European Coal Plant Countdown counts all coal plants in the EU, the UK, Turkey, and the Western Balkan countries that have retired or announced to do so by latest 2030 since January 2016. In addition, it lists all active new coal projects. It works with the category of ‘plants’ or ‘projects’ (not on the basis of units or gigawatts) and seeks to have a certain plant-specific proof of retirement or cancellation before counting a plant.*

The Coal Exit Timeline logs all important events since 2016 that brought us closer to a coal-free Europe by 2030. Most of these events result in a change of countdown, such as the announcement of a plant closure or the cancellation of a new coal project. But we also keep track of announcements of intent, e.g. by governments, to phase out coal in their country by a certain year, or other decisive steps towards the closure or cancellation of plants, such as lost court cases.

This crowd-sourced repository includes key information like capacity, commissioning year, ownership, status, geodata, historic emissions of CO2 and pollutants, modelled plant-level health impacts on population caused by pollutants and more. Minimum plant size is 15 MWe.

We publish this database under an Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0. For more information please click here. The full license can be found here.

We update the data quarterly. This is a crowd-sourced effort and your input on changes and potential bugs is highly appreciated.



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