Clean and fair energy

Access to low cost, dependable, clean energy is the foundation of fair and safe societies. To make this a  reality for all, we need to stop burning all fossil fuels and replace them with renewable energy sources like solar and wind, in combination with technologies that maximise the efficiency of our buildings, appliances and motors. This requires rapid and deep electrification of heating, industry and transport, an abundance of electricity storage options, and the deployment of smart technologies to match availability with demand. We will be rewarded with permanently affordable, secure, clean energy, the restoration and protection of nature, and the prevention of some of the worst effects of climate change.

2025 2030 2035

2025: Replacing Russian fossil fuels

The invasion of Ukraine made it clear just how dangerous and costly Europe's reliance on fossil fuels is. Countries are now racing to eliminate Russian fossil fuels from their energy systems. But replacing these with other sources of fossil fuels won’t bring down people’s bills, ensure energy security or protect the climate.
To meet these three critical challenges, Europe's only choice is to replace Russian fossil fuels with a combination of renewable energy generation and energy savings by 2025. This will put us on track to be coal-free by 2030, and fossil fuel-free in electricity generation by 2035.

2030: Europe Beyond Coal

Europe remains on track to close all 328 of its coal-fired power plants by 2030 – the latest date that is compatible with the UN Paris Climate Agreement’s goal of keeping global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. But it’s not enough to only stop burning coal – we have to fundamentally stop burning fossil fuels altogether.
That means swapping all polluting sources of energy, including gas and dirty biomass for renewable energy sources and efficiency savings.

2035: Fossil fuel-free electricity

Europe currently burns fossil gas to produce 20 percent of its electricity. This has proven a big mistake as volatile, skyrocketing fossil gas prices have driven up the cost of living. The solution is to replace all of this fossil gas with renewable electricity generation by 2035.
This is not only very doable by rolling out huge amounts of solar and wind, but will be totally worth it as in return our energy bills will fall, and we’ll be healthier and safer.