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Call on the EU ministers to commit to higher targets for our energy transition

We need higher targets because:

Reducing our use of fossil fuels is necessary to solve three critical problems at once: cutting energy bills, securing our energy supply, and acting on climate change. We have missed many opportunities to pivot away from the fuels driving catastrophic climate change, and we cannot afford to delay this transition any longer. As energy bills spiral out of control across Europe, both businesses and consumers alike face hard choices.

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Clean, affordable, secure energy & stable climate is the business of every company & community across Europe. This means goals of: 50% renewable energy & 20% energy efficiency targets for 2030. Time for ambition EU Energy Ministers. #RepowerForThePeople https://higherambitionnow.eu

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If you’re a business or civil society organisation, you can help by signing on to our joint statement by November 28, 2022

A clean, secure energy supply that supports a stable climate is the business of every company and community across Europe.

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