Anargyroi – Greece

Anargyroi, Greece, March 17, 2019: The Mayor and residents past and present of Anargyroi, a village in the northern part of Western Macedonia, Greece, show the destruction a coal mine has brought to their once vibrant town. On June 10th, 2017, a huge landslide caused by the nearby open pit lignite mine damaged local houses, and in some places caused the land to drop by up to a metre. The damage to houses, roads and infrastructure, to mining equipment, and the costs of evacuation totalled roughly EUR1 billion. The risk of a landslide was well known since 2007. Anargyroi residents have been asking for relocation due to the mine’s expansion since late 1990s. Greg McNevin / Europe Beyond Coal
Greg McNevin / Europe Beyond Coal
Date taken
26 Jun 2018