Ask for bailouts for people and planet

EU and national leaders should tackle the unprecedented crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with solidarity, courage and innovation. We do not want a return to business as usual, to an economic model which has exacerbated social inequalities, jeopardised our health, and driven our planet’s climate and nature to the brink of collapse. Instead, now is the time to radically and rapidly make our economies greener, fairer, and more resilient to future shocks. We demand the establishment of the biggest green investment programme the world has ever seen – backed up by all available EU financial tools to finance a recovery that is green and just. A programme that will create high quality green jobs, tackle climate change, restore nature, and make our economies and societies more resilient in the long run. Now is the time to unite to put Europe firmly on the path to a green and fair economy.

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Ask leaders to demonstrate unity and vision in this crisis by putting forward the biggest green investment programme the world has ever seen.

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