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Tell Talanx to close coal loopholes

Talanx is one of the last European insurers to have not ruled out insuring new coal. Its peers have moved with the times and stopped supporting coal companies that have no plans to exit from coal before 2030, and who are putting our health, economies, and climate at continued risk. 

Last year Talanx announced restrictions on coal project insurance. 

BUT the policy would still allow it to insure new coal projects in countries like Poland.

With its annual general meeting happening today, it’s time to tell Talanx: Close your policy loopholes. 

There is no need for fossil finance in a coal-free future. 

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.@talanx is holding its AGM today. This would be a great day to #closetheloophole in your coal policy. New coal projects in Poland & Vietnam shouldn’t be supported. It is time to go #beyondcoal! #TalanxAGM bit.ly/2W8prUq

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