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Sacrificing culture and communities for coal

January 31, 2018 6:19 am Published by

As German politicians negotiate a power sharing agreement, the impact of their energy choices has been brought into sharp focus by the demolition of the St Lambertus church for a coal mine.

Germany’s disappearing villages

November 16, 2017 5:21 pm Published by

Norbert Winzen’s family has been living in the village of Keyenberg for generations. He is a farmer, like his late father.

Suffocating in Iskenderun Bay

September 26, 2017 1:45 pm Published by

Turkey is rapidly expanding coal burning throughout the country, and its people and paying the price.

Soma: famous for grapes and mine disasters

September 26, 2017 1:44 pm Published by

Turkey’s Soma is infamous for the recent death of 301 lignite miners, and its coal is both a direct and indirect threat undermining district’s future.